Author: Michele

  • None of this.

    25 August 2023
    None of this was easy. None of this came without pain. None of this came without tears and what felt…
  • By myself…not alone

    9 June 2023
    April 20, 2017…decree was final.  By myself. Everything was up to me. The only one making all the decisions for…
  • It’s The Journey

    Its The Journey

    22 April 2023
    It’s The Journey. And boy was the first step a doosy. My journey…my story, isn’t necessarily unique in the world. …
  • Can you hear Me now?

    Can you hear Me now?

    22 April 2023
    I got the call 10 years ago. I heard Him loud and clear. My world was up in flames. He…
  • Simple Things

    22 April 2023
    Since the day I told him to get his things and leave. Since the day the complicated came crashing down.…
  • Such a Time as This

    22 April 2023
    What do you mean you want me to write? Peanut is the author in the family. What could I possibly…
  • On Purpose

    On Purpose

    22 April 2023
    It seems a little silly at my age to be questioning my purpose. I have been restless in regard to…

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