None of this.

None of this was easy. None of this came without pain. None of this came without tears and what felt like never-ending sadness. Every day…every single day…my King showed up with mercy. He picked me up off the floor, comforted me in the silence of each morning, took my hand…and took the next right step. The best I could do was be obedient to my King on this journey. I had no clue how this was to go. That is where faith abides. Some things felt like they were not going my way. Others shocked the life out of me and everyone around me. He shows himself with love that speaks to your relationship with Him and in a way that shows the world that is how He loves them as well. Where you are. In the very, very hard. He leaves your free will intact and doesn’t remove the hard, so you can grow. A lot of what I have gone through was at the hands of others. But as a result of those actions, a lot of what I have gone through was by my own decisions. I have to own that. My King is gracious and while letting me grow through consequences, He is in the middle of it with me. Showing me that He understands…He has been in the thick of it…and I will not only survive…but thrive as the beautifully created daughter of the King I was meant to be.

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