Do we throw it out, just because it is old?

Do we throw it out, just because it is old?

I find it fascinating that in our current culture, if something gets old or in need of repair, we throw it out instead of making the attempt to fix it or keep it working. I imagine that a lot of this philosophy has to do with the lack of skill sets to make the necessary alterations.

When I was in high school, I learned many household skills that come in handy for small tasks to keep me from having to throw out something when a small repair would do. My grandmother and mother were a tremendous source of skills in the same way.

I utilize a lingerie service called Adore Me. I got one of my favorite sports bras from them and it started to separate at a seam. I could have thrown it out and ordered another. However, that would have been approximately $40 and simply re-sewing it would have been just a matter of a few minutes.

My grandmother gave me a sewing kit when I was in junior high. It had thread, needles, bobbins for the sewing machine, a thimble, pins, a frame for cross stitch, and a seam ripper. I have a pin cushion that is shaped like a tomato that I am confident 100% of the women in my age group own one. She gave me a needle threader that I have to this day and it’s original box.

My daughter attended a small Christian school and when she got to high school, I began teaching a Life Skills class to the seniors for their last hour of the day. I taught them many things including minor sewing repairs: sewing on a button, fixing a hem, etc. I taught them how to do laundry, cook, bake, and do minor home repairs.

These days we typically throw out anything that breaks as the repairs could potentially cost more than a new one. For some things, I believe we have just not learned what to do to make these minor repairs and appreciate not having to spend more money and to value what we have.

Sadly, I believe we do this with everything that gets old. All around us is a wealth of information and wise counsel. We should listen to those who have gone before us and who have the experience to teach us valuable lessons and skills. These generations stayed married longer, kept cars in fabulous condition until it died, paid off their homes and were genuinely happy with the simplicity of it all. They can teach us a lot.

You can find a video on YouTube to teach you just about anything these days. Before you throw out a favorite shirt because it is missing a button, or a chair because the upholstery is stained, stop and do a search and see if you can fix it yourself. The satisfaction is awesome, and I promise you it will come in handy again. If you have grandparents that are alive, ask them to teach you. They will love that they can feel needed and that you are interested in something that they are knowledgeable about.

As I get mature, I appreciate not simply casting something aside because it’s old.

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