Coin Toss

The quarter had the year 1978 on it.

I was given a unique suggestion as a writing prompt in a webinar. Randomly pick a coin and write about what was going on during that year. It could be about me, or the world around me.

1978 was a cataclysmic year for me. My whole world got shaken up like a snow globe. My parents decided to move from the harsh winters of Michigan, to the gates of hell at 122 degrees in Arizona.

It would be the sixth school change in my sixteen years on the planet. We knew absolutely no one other than our grandparents who had moved ahead of us to acquire housing.

We moved on July 1st and ironically, literally split my year in two. Nothing was, or ever would be, the same. My heart was shattered at having to leave my best friend, Bethany. Her family’s offer to live with them had been rejected by my mother.

I wanted to sulk and make the whole world feel what I was feeling. I have yet to find evidence of that working. School was starting two weeks after we arrived and I am my mother’s little rule follower.

Life clearly moved on whether I was on board or not. 1978 was not the last time I would be shaken.

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