Numbers Don’t Lie, People Do

Every second of our lives has numbers associated with it. Every minute is scheduled whether we know it or not and time allotted. 1440 minutes in a 24-hour period.

Every goal has time, percentages, or dollar signs to mark it’s success.

Our health has all sorts of numbers that guide us. The scale for weight, the measuring tape for inches, the yardstick for height and bloodwork for percentiles.

In competition we have stats and test scores. Draft position, signing bonus and salary contracts.

One of my favorite numbers is my age.  I am told I don’t look my age. Some of my “numbers” say the same. But the absolute truth is I am actually my age. In the scheme of time’s inception, what does that really mean. My time here is finite. So, looking at my age and my actual age having any conceptual meaning has to be measured against how long I will be here.

All of these numbers, while telling the truth, have nothing to do with whether or not we live a full life and experience joy.  We can have millions in the bank and be miserable and alone.

Our “time” would be better spent on experiences with eternal value and making real connections with as many people as possible. Let your best number be, the number of people whose lives you impacted for the better while fulfilling your purpose.

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